Aesus DELTA Top/Bottom/side Labelers

 Placing Labels in multiple ways

Delta Top and or Bottom Labelers

The Aesus Delta series of top & bottom labelers feature a very strong vertical aluminum support plate (modern balcony style) on a rugged stainless steel stand with adjustable feet.

The top & bottom labeler has a gentle flat infeed conveyor that guides the product to side grip belts that firmly hold the container while the top label is being applied.   

When the container leaves the infeed belt the grip belts continue to hold the container while the bottom label is applied. 

A takeaway conveyor is usually supplied with pressing rollers to ensure the labels are pressed down appropriately.

The conveyors all have variable speeds and adjustable rails.  The Label Heads are likewise variable speed and have adjustments up/down and in/out complete with Vernier type scales for easily repeatable set-ups.


The Delta Bottom label system is similar to the top and bottom, but sometimes it is possible to dispense with the infeed conveyor and/or the takeaway conveyor depending on the configuration or the needs of the customer.


Label head way beyond the rest

  • Years in development, engineers designed the definitive Servo controlled labeling system. Everything they and their Clients could think of over the last 103 years of Labeling history has been incorporated!!

Some of the features include...

  • No bulky control box or heavy interconnecting leads
    Compact design Quick release core holders and take up roll.
    Built in user friendly display screen.
    Custom Servo control designed perfectly for label applications with appropriate ramp up and ramp down
    Built in Encoder follower circuits to precisely follow a Conveyor or Rotary turret drives
    Variable speeds and adjustable Gear ratios Start delays, stop delays, missing label advances, shift registers.
    Patented Inductive label sensor that can mount right at the dispense blade to handle even Mylar labels, without the need to play with photo electrics which can dust up.
    Patented moving dispensing beak to ensure that difficult labels are precisely dispensed
    Hook ups for Printers, barcode readers, print engines
    A Myriad of bolt on standard options are available to handle the most demanding challenges.
  • Quick Change Reels

    An Exclusive H400 feature is the twist on/twist
    off Core and rewind holders.

    Just twist a knob and the core is released
    to load fresh Labels. The same system
    for the backing paper.

    Just the faster label changes will
    probably pay for your Head!




    • No proprietary components
    • Maintenance-free servo motors
    • Stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction

    Many Accessories

    We have many many accessories, have a look at some on our Accessory Page

    or give us a call.




Delta Top Labeller

The Delta Top labeler can be arranged in many different ways.  Depicted here is a top labeler with two side belts that grip a container securely during labelling.  The side belts can be of different configurations depending upon the application and various rollers, pressers etc are attached depending on the application.
With heavier products the side grip belts may not be necessary for a top labeler.

Close up of Delta Top & Bottom Labeler

A view showing the infeed conveyor and the side grip belts which are all adjustable in speed and position.  The label heads are effortlessly adjustable in and out and up and down with precision ground shafting.


A clear view below of the patented FS03 “Teachable” Label sensor (blue) that detects the label by measuring capacitance right at the tip of the label dispense blade to give superb accuracy.

This view also shows the bottom label about to be applied.



 Bottom Labeler

Another view below of the patented FS03 “Teachable” Label sensor (blue) on the bottom label head.

  • Various Videos of Top Bottom and Side labelling

    Click Image below for Video - We have done many more...this is a sampling.