High speed web Labeling

H400 for Automatic High speed Web Labeling Horizontal Flow wrapper

Incredibly powerful Servo Labeling System ready to go...

The ultimate self adhesive-label applicator suitable for installing on a wide range of Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machines
The modular design of the H400 allows for very simple integration into most Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machines, while keeping to an absolute minimum the mounting space required.
• The patented built in servo motor control system eliminates the need for an external control box & a host of cumbersome interconnecting cables. Hence the applicator looks like an integral part of the system and not a “bolt on extra”.
• Full Servo matching speed control allows the speed of the labeller to be precisely matched to the speed of the film.
• I/O interface allows for easy integration with host machine.
• Exact label placement at speeds of up to 145 meters/min.(450 feet / min)
• Reliable operation with a minimal number of moving parts.
• The H400 is operator friendly with the simplest web path.
• A wide range of overprint / coder facilities are available.

Twin premium H400 label heads apply labels on to a web at extremely high speeds.

The label heads have oversized powered in feed and take-up reels with low label sensors. The loose loop system feeds labels to the powerful H400 head with a minimum of web tension to enable labelling such high speeds.

The exclusive twist on twist off label core holders can clearly be seen which significantly speed up label reel change over.

H400 on a standard mounting pedestal for a typical flow wrapper

The H400 self adhesive label applicator is fast setting the industry standard for accurately, efficiently and reliably applying self-adhesive labels to the continuous film used on most popular vertical form fill & seal bagging machines and flowwrappers.

Simple installation and ease of use are just two of the factors that have made the H400 the most popular self adhesive labelling system for bagging / flowwrapping systems.

Frames for a wide range of standard VFFS machines are available.

The patented FS01 label trace sensor is suitable for high speed application both of paper or synthetic labels, on either glassine paper or clear synthetic backing.

Perfectly matched speeds!

Servo matching speed control allows the speed of the labeller to precisely match the speed of the film automatically even if the speed varies.

The label is accurately applied as the web passes under the application roller!

The H400 is ideally suited for integration into most popular makes of VFFS and flow wrapping machines including:-
Ancholme - Bosch - Chronos Richardson - CSS - Doboy - Fuji Gainsborough - GIC - Hayssen ICA - Ilapak - Imanpack - Ishida Line Equipment - Miele - Oniki PFM - Redpack - Rose Forgrove Rovema - Sandiacre - Sollas Tisomi - TNA - Ulma - Volpack Winpac - Yassa.

H400 in a normal mounting position on a typical flow wrapper