Rotary Cold Glue Labellers

High-end technology universal cold glue labelling for glass and PET containers

Gernep Labetta

A versatile machine with established techniques such as stainless steel gluing roller, rubberised and adjustable glue pallets, split glue scraper blade with fine adjustment for glue thickness that saves glue, overlay gear box drive for accurate label positioning and split table cam for efficient changeover to other container sizes.

Labelling machines with unmistakable performance.

LABETTA labelling machines can be easily retrofitted for other bottle formats.
The cam table is divided in segments and can be reconfigured at low cost, giving flexibility for future bottle labelling.
In addition, the pallets can be individually adjusted for optimum glue pattern.
Bottle alignment, hot glue units and coders can be retrofitted at any time.

Speed range : 20 to 850 perminute. The labelling machines are customer driven solutions adapted to the speed and size. Hence we produce small and compact machines for lower speeds right up to high performance machines over a whole range of equipment configurations.
Labels: • Pre-cut paper labels • Pre-cut aluminium labels
Containers: Glass, plastic, metal and molded containers
Gluing system: Premium technology cold glue


• High machine reliability using brand name components for drive and control

• Carousel-type construction for accurate bottle guidance

• Space saving, compact construction

• Tried and tested premium technology wet glue labelling

• Stainless steel glue rollers with rubberised pallets

• Glue pallets adjustable for optimum glue pattern

• Split glue scraper blade with fine adjustment for glue thickness

• Maintenance free table cam divided in segments

• Special overlay gear box for accurate label positioning

• Reliable PLC control

• Comprehensive safety systems

Available features

Control of Bottle Plates

Mechanically via cam segments.... or
With a timing belt that controls the rotation of the bottle plate.
or utilising Servo motors located at each bottle plate.

The latter allows a recallable program to rotate every container size to suit, ensuring perfect application of the labels for each set up.

Mechanical container aligner
The container aligner has special alignment systems to guarantee an exact alignment of the container.

Flexible and cost-effective

The LABETTA labelling system can be easily and cost-effectively retrofitted for other bottle designs.
The rotary table is divided into segments so that labour-intensive changeover is no longer required, and often not all the cams need to be changed.
Bottle alignment, hot glue assembly and coders etc can be added at any time.

Label monitoring

Sensor based and/or a camera based system can check the presence and alignment of labels on containers of all types. Bottles where labels are incorrect can be rejected accordingly.

New labeling Assembly

An innovation for universal cold glue labelling.

Our newly developed wet glue assembly sets new standards. It is compact, easy to service and easy to operate.

It features changeable and adjustable rubberised glue pallets, stainless steel glue roll, split glue scraper knife with fine adjustment for glue thickness that saves glue, and an oil-encased gearbox. The assembly is very compact, and is hermetically sealed against water spray.

Servicing a breeze

The complete electrical system for the drive, servo motors, photoelectric controls and camera system is clean and easy to maintain and is integrated into the machine base. Separate space-consuming control cabinets are not required.

Drive and Control

The drive is a frequency-controlled three phase AC motor.

The integrated PLC not only ensures a reliable mode of operation, but it also opens up the possibility of readily upgrading with various additional attachments.

Multiple Configurations

The modular design of the machine means that several heads can be flexibly located around the bottle carousel.

For lower speeds the carousel can be extremely compact.

Aesus Labelers

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    High speed replacement label head, for Rotary Labelers with integrated control.