Rotary RollFed Labellers

Premium Wrap around film labels from a roll of labels with hot melt

Utilizing H400 Labelling Heads


Gernep Rotary RollFed Labellers

Wrap around film labels from a roll of labels with hot melt

The GERNEP ROLLFED labelling machine has novel patented hot melt gluing technology for wrap around labelling of containers with the price advantage of film labels from a roll.

The reduced glue usage and minimised cleaning times resulting from contact-free gluing means that the GERNEP ROLLFED is the economical answer to the increasing labelling demands in the beverage, food and chemical industries.

Clear, ergonomic controls provide for problem free operation. Changeover and cleaning times are reduced to a minimum.

The modular design of our machine means that several H400 self-adhesive heads can be flexibly located around the bottle carousel and if required also a glue labelling station can be attached.

Labelling machines with unmistakable performance.

The GERNEP ROLLFED is designed as a compact carousel.

The H400 label feed unit transports the labels using its servo motor to feed the film(label) to an exact cutting position which is registered positively by the photoelectric sensors. A special variable speed transmission eases the label positioning on the vacuum drum and hence onto the bottle table which enormously reduces complicated electronic synchronisation.

This labelling machine is designed for ease of operation and to be highly reliable thanks to control electronics which ensure optimum glue dosing and providing for the possibility for preprogramming different bottle labelling.

Contact-free: The GERNEP ROLLFED only fixes the label on the container at the beginning and end of the label with hot glue spots ensuring economic use of glue at the same time as ensuring firm label adhesion. The gluing is contact-free direct onto the label while it is on the transfer drum both at the start and end of the label. If the label is to be glued right up to the final label edge, this can be done by a height adjustable end gluing bar.

A pull out slide can be provided for each Label head for user friendly reel change and better machine accessibility.

The simple changeover to other formats and label positioning is easy to understand with a menu guide.

Speed range : 50 to 500 per minute. The labelling machines are customer driven solutions adapted to the speed and size. Hence we produce small and compact machines for lower speeds right up to high performance machines over a whole range of equipment configurations.

Containers: PET containers or other plastic
Gluing system: Hot melt glue


How it works

• Incoming bottles are separated by the infeed screw 1.
• The in-feed star 2 passes the bottle to the bottle table 3 . The bottles are held in position between the plate and self-centring punch and mechanically rolled into the correct labelling position.
• The bottles are sprayed with hot glue through the heated nozzles of the glue station 4 without contact.
• From the powered unrolling station for the label rolls 5 (spare roll 6) via many spring-loaded tension rollers, the label is guided to electronic scanning. The spring-loaded tension rollers ensure continuous feed.
• Electronic sensor 7 is used to position the label accurately on the cutting drum by means of a servo motor 8 .
• Finely ground blades on the cutting drum 9 ensure exact cutting and separation of the labels.
• After cutting, they are passed to the vacuum transfer drum 10 which transfers the label directly to the glue zone on the bottle.
• The end of label is glued on the vacuum drum 11 by means of a narrow, continuous vertical strip of glue.
• The end of the label is pressed by a brush section so that it is fixed solidly 12 .
• The heating of the glue and the perfect proportioning takes place in a separate glue management unit 13 with its own electronic control unit.
• The labelled bottles are transferred to the conveyor 15 through the out-feed star 14 .



Perfect ROLLFED Wrap-Around Labelling

Start of label gluing: Through non-contact glue application via heated nozzles directly on the container.
End of label gluing: Through a continuous strip of glue on the label that has just been attached to the bottle .

Exact cut

The label is fixed in position on the cutting drum by low pressure and then transferred to a vacuum drum for gluing.


The ROLLFED Glue Management System

The ROLLFED glue management system consists of an independent unit that is integrated into the labelling machine with its own electronic control unit. The functions such as hot zones, glue temperature, and glue dosing are simply entered using selector keys. The status of the device is shown reliably using illuminated displays.

Non-contact gluing at the edges

The GERNEP ROLLFED fastens the label to the container only at the start and end of the label with hot glue and that way guarantees economical glue consumption with a firmly affixed label.
Due to the the innovative gluing system, the glue for the label start is applied directly to the container.
TThe vacuum drum is only used to glue the end of the label only when the beginning of label is already fixed onto the hot adhesive that is on the bottle.


The Control Units –

The control units of the GERNEP ROLLFED is split into the machine control unit,H400 labelling head control unit, and glue management control unit. This way, the operational reliability and simplicity is increased considerably.
Only brand name components that have been tried and proven umpteen thousand times are used in the electronics.

Operation – Easy and Logical

We consciously kept the ROLLFED as simple as possible. Different label lengths are set in seconds using a micrometer with a counter.


Control of Bottle Plates

The control of the bottle plates varies with machine type.

Mechanically via cam segments.... or
With a timing belt that controls the rotation of the bottle plate.
or... utilising Servo motors located at each bottle plate.

The latter allows a recallable program to rotate every container size to suit, ensuring perfect application of the labels for each set up.

Mechanical container aligner

The container aligner has special alignment systems to guarantee an exact alignment of the container.


Flexible and cost-effective

The ROLLFED labelling system can be easily and cost-effectively retrofitted for other bottle designs.
The rotary table is divided into segments so that labour-intensive changeover is no longer required, and often not all the cams need to be changed.
Bottle alignment, hot glue assembly and coders etc can be added at any time.

Label monitoring

Sensor based and/or a camera based system can check the presence and alignment of labels on containers of all types. Bottles where labels are incorrect can be rejected accordingly.


H400 Label Head for RollFeeding

An extremely high speed but compact label head, designed specifically for Rotary Labelers with completely integrated control.

• The Labelling module is based upon the outstanding world proven H400 applicator

• It is specially modified for RollFeeding

• High labelling speed and incredible precision:

up to 5,700”/min (145meters/min)

• High labelling output: 1000 – 2000 labels per minute

• Adjustable height and angle

• Automatic speed synchronization with the Rotary labeler

• Serial data connection option for a higher-level control system

• Controls are completely integrated into the head, no separate control cabinet.

Servicing a breeze

The complete electrical system for the drive, servo motors, photoelectric controls and camera system is clean and easy to maintain and is integrated into the machine base. Separate space-consuming control cabinets are not required.

Drive and Control

The drive is a frequency-controlled three phase AC motor.

The integrated PLC not only ensures a reliable mode of operation, but it also opens up the possibility of readily upgrading with various additional attachments.

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